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Fishful Thinking: Do Over!

Last week I wrote about dealing with disrespect. It’s gotten a little bit better, but we’re far from being over this (not too surprising!).

I was  looking for an activity to help with it all (and to compliment those awesome articles), when I stumbled on the Do Over activity. What I like best about this activity is that it’s not a one-time-sit-down-and-do-this activity; it’s ongoing! Oh, and it’s for everyone – not just the kids.

Basically, the article part states that kids are often embarrassed about something they’ve done wrong and get discouraged and don’t want to try again. It states that if we, as parents, start vocalizing our mistakes, it might help our kids get over it and realize that everyone makes mistakes. (I’m thinking this would help a lot of adults out there as well…)

The thing that really caught my attention was the example though:

…[You would say] “The way I said that sounded too bossy” and then call a “Do Over.” Try saying something like: “I call a Do Over. I’m going to say that in a kinder way,” and then try again.

It’s a do over for words too!! I absolutely need that for myself … and so does Burke. We’re both quick with our words (and our button-pushing-anger is typically right at the surface), so being able to take back something that was said without thinking it through is a wonderful way for us to start trying to actually think before we speak.

The suggestion is made to use a ball with the words “DO OVER” on it to ‘playfully’ remind younger kids about do overs. I’m not so sure about the ball (we’d probably need a do over for how the Do Over ball was thrown 😉 ) but I do like the idea of an object for a visual reminder.

Haven’t you ever wanted a do over? I bet your kids have too.

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