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Kids Say the Darndest Things

Maggie’s thoughts of Makeup Gym classes got me to thinking that I haven’t posted many kiddo conversations lately. Here’s a dose of the latest.

Logan to Mommy: “You’re single cuz *I’m* married to daddy.”


Burke: “Will Maggie and I still be twins if we don’t have the same teacher next year?”


Maggie to Daddy: “You crazy old man!”


Burke: “Daddy, did your mommy name you ‘Daddy’?”


Burke to Maggie: “I will eat you!”
Maggie to Burke: “Please don’t; I am a good guy.”


Logan (somewhat remorseful): “I ate a kid.”
After biting a playmate at EI playgroup.


Burke to Mommy: “Your coffee smells like it was sprayed by a skunk.”
Not quite how I’d describe Creme Caramel…


Maggie (singing): “Follow the Elephant Row, Follow the Elephant Row.”
Pretty sure that’s supposed to be ‘Yellow Brick Road’ …


Logan: “Daaadddddy! Daddddddy!!”
Daddy (after walking upstairs): “Yes, Logan?”
Logan: “I want Mommy.”


Logan: “Mommmmmy! Mommmmy!!”
Anyone (thinking they’re being helpful when I’m busy): “What do you want, Logan?”
Logan: “I want Mommy.”

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