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Dressing Like a Mom

I’m a t-shirt and jeans (or jean shorts) kind of person. Since I work from home, I’m also a PJs kind of person, but we won’t get into that šŸ˜‰

Normally, I’m not really self-conscious about what I have on. Comfort wins over anything else. (This includes shoes…who the hell invented those pinchy-toed foot-killers anyway??)

Now that I’m a mom though, I spend a fair amount of time with other moms. And I think I missed that whole “what to wear as a mom” memo. Seems the dress code is v-neck t-shirts. Apparently this is more classy (and who am I to argue – it actually is a step up from regular t-shirts).

I’m now in on the secret – so look out mommies; I’m in the know.

(Anything else I should know about before going to my next PTO meeting or dance class??)

2 Responses

  1. I’m sure my wardrobe would give those What Not to Wear people nightmares, but they aren’t chasing kids around on the playground, either. I’ve always just dressed in clothes that are comfortable and hopefully flattering to my body type. I’m never really in sync with the in crowd anyway. That requires regular shopping and I hate shopping for clothes.

  2. lol, I just looked down to see what I was wearing when I saw you today. I hate jeans, so I’m a t-shirt and black pants/capris/shorts girl. And I do have my fair share of v-neck shirts, they are just plain t-shirts though, nothing fancy – 90% of which are from Old Navy, in case you need a “swanky” place to shop for Mom clothes šŸ˜‰ Half the time, especially in the summer, I have to remind myself I need a bra before I can go out… (TMI?)

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