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Remember Rainbow Brite?

Sorry, this giveaway is now CLOSED.

I remember Rainbow Brite from when I was a kid. I don’t remember a lot about her buddies, but I remember she had a kick butt horse. 🙂

See what she used to look like…Cupie doll cute 😉

…she’s baaaack! (Can you believe she’s 25??) She looks a lot different now…more modern…and I love it! It’s kind of neat that I can “pass along” one of my memories to my kids.

“Rainbow Brite has blasted back onto the doll scene with a vibrant makeover, continuing to delight children with her empowering and imaginative adventures as she spreads her positive messages of courage, kindness, and hope.”

MomSelect sent me a CD to review with my kids, and a few extras to share (I gave one to the kids’ preschool and others out as Valentines Day gifts to Maggie’s dance class). I even have one that I’ll give away to one lucky reader! (More about that below…)

The CD I have includes:

  • A new Rainbow Brite animated short (there are a few more on the Rainbow Brite website too!)
  • Games, puzzles, and coloring pages
  • The Theme song (in sing-along style)
  • Meet Rainbow Brite and her friends

I put the CD in and both Burke and Maggie were immediately drawn to my computer screen. The music is “kid-catchy” …meaning, kids love it and adults can stand it once or twice 😉

Their favorite thing – besides watching the short show over and over – is the match game. Followed closely by the picture maker.

(As a matter of fact, Maggie is bugging me to finish up this post so she can play again…)

I like that I can print out coloring pages – that we put together – so we can continue the fun off-line. I also like that even though it seems “girly” there are definitely things for boys to enjoy as well.  And I’ll admit that I had fun playing the Rainbow Rescue game *blush*

Now for the Giveaway part.

Do you want to win one of these CDs for your kid(s)?

There are multiple ways to enter – you do not have to do all of them to be entered!

One entry each for the following comments left. Pick and choose the ones you want to do, but please leave a separate comment for each option – makes for easier random.org picking.

  • Did you play with Rainbow Brite as a kid? (If so, what’s your favorite memory about her?)
  • Did you watch Rainbow Brite as a kid? (yep, there was a TV show.)

You can also get more entries (1 each) if you:

  • Blog about this giveaway and link back to me (let me know with a comment please)
  • Tweet about this giveaway (please let me know with a direct link in your comment)

You have until Midnight on Wednesday, February 24th to enter. Random.org will choose the winner and I’ll post it on Thursday the 25th.

3 Responses

  1. I love Rainbow Brite and the cartoon. I think I may still have the yellow cassette tape that was favorite ever. The printed lyrics came with it and I drove my sister crazy singing along ALL the time!

  2. And separately leaving a comment for the fact that I watched the show. Loved it!!!

  3. Yes! I watched the cartoon. I believe the first time was at my friend’s birthday sleepover. 🙂

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