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Saturday Snapshot: Cheesy Good Times

Chuck E. Cheesy that is! A good friend introduced us to the world of Chuck E. Cheese today. No, I’d never been before…no, Mike had never been before…no, my kids had never been before. To say that they had a blast is an understatement. And the fact that I could play Skee ball totally made my day 🙂 (Just don’t go for the food. Seriously.)

Chuck E. Cheese and Maggie

Chuck E. Cheese and Burke

Chuck E. Cheese and Logan

Skee Ball: Note Burke's Score!

Skee Ball: Logan and Daddy

Burke and Maggie playing some space game...

Basketball: Maggie and Daddy

Water Gun Race: Logan and Maggie

Burke working for more Coupons

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go over and have a look at what others are doing on this dreary Saturday.

4 Responses

  1. At the risk of alienating adults/parents everywhere, I LOVE CHUCK E. CHEESE, too! (even though I didn’t discover until my 4th or 5th time there you could get beer! The BBQ chicken pizza is actually pretty good, too…)

    A couple of weekends ago I took our two (just for kicks, not a party or anything) who are 8 and we all had a blast. Just showed Sarah your pictures and her response was, “Awww man! They have the sketcher with a red frame. No fair!” (Suppose ours with the blue is somehow inferior.)

    Thanks so much for playing along, Nancy! Adding you to the link.

  2. Yay, Cheryl! Thank goodness I’m not the only parent who loves it there 🙂

    Nancy, if you had fun today, you’d LOVE it on a quiet day.

  3. Looks like ALL of you had a great time!

  4. I feel like we need to go just so I can play some skee ball. And yes, I’m extremely impressed with Burke’s skee ball score. He must have ended up with a ton of tickets! 🙂

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