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I Lost My Phone!!

I feel so nekkid. My phone is nowhere to be found. 😦

Burke had an art show for his drawing class last night and I remember putting my phone in my jacket pocket right before we left. When we got to the church (where the art show was being held), I reached into my pocket to get it so I could take a picture of Burke’s drawing…and it wasn’t there. (No worries, I had Mike take a picture…) I also figured that it’d be in the car, or that I wasn’t remembering correctly and that it was sitting on the counter at home still.

Not the case. It’s not *anywhere*! I retraced my steps (even drove back to the church) with a flashlight and Mike’s phone … probably called mine about 75 times. Not a peep. *sigh*

Luckily, I have “protection” on it, so I was able to order a replacement at a lower cost (still too much though πŸ˜› ). Unluckily, it’s on back order so I have to wait 5 – 7 business days before they’ll even ship it! That’s a long time to be without something that’s ALWAYS in my pocket. I use it as my night side table/alarm clock, my camera, to send texts and tweet, to set calendar reminders, to check and send email throughout the day (both personal and work), to surf the web, to put blog posts up….I’m so lost!! (notice I didn’t say that I use it to talk…I very rarely use it as a phone LOL!)

Wish me luck with my withdrawal symptoms…I think I’m already starting to shake…

2 Responses

  1. Sorry you lost your phone, I would hate to be without mine too. I hope it comes soon!

  2. Oh what a bummer!

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