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You Know You’re Working From Home If…

  • …Noon rolls around and you’re still in your PJs.
  • …3PM rolls around and you’re in sweats and fuzzy socks/slippers.
  • …You realize it’s been a few days since your last shower.
  • …Your heart stops whenever a co-worker mentions video conferencing – even if you know they’re joking (see bullets 1 – 3).
  • …Your “Lunch Hour” consists of running your kids to and from school and/or various programs.
  • …All of your meetings are held with your phone on mute – unmuted only if you’re asked a direct question – just in case a kid starts to yell/sing/etc. from downstairs.
  • …You suddenly realize that talking on the phone (adult conversation!) isn’t really all that bad.
  • …You forget to pay the nanny because you didn’t realize it was Friday.
  • …You get picked on for using a travel mug for your coffee. (Hey! A lot can spill from the kitchen to the office…and I drink my coffee pretty slowly; a travel mug keeps it warmer longer 🙂 )
  • …You’re asked to do all sorts of things during the day (help out at preschool, playdates, etc.) because everyone thinks you’re just playing with your kids anyway…

2 Responses

  1. I can just see the unexpected video conference! I would get nothing done at home, I swear!

  2. I don’t work, but I can relate to a lot of those!

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