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No…that’s not the temperature today (although it feels like it!)…I think this is the personal decade where you realize that things aren’t quite what they used to be

Little things like…having to pluck eyebrows a heck of a lot more than you used to. Seriously, I never had to pluck at all until my late 20s – and only a stray one here and there at that point. So not the case anymore! And dangit – they keep sneaking up on me.

Or…weight control. In High School I had quite the bod (even though I thought I was fat then…if only I could go back and smack myself!) in my 20s stuff started to slip. 30s? Forget about it. (Although I suspect a twin pregnancy and then a singleton one has a lot to do with that…)

And then there’s the big things…like OH MY GOD I HAVE 3 KIDS!!!!

Or…home ownership and marriage.

What really blows my mind though is when I stop to think about ‘personal decades’ of people “way back when” … Seriously…it had to start in their 20s (and earlier!!) for people back then. There’s no way I would have been prepared for all of this when I was in my 20s. Hell…I’m not sure I’m ready for it all now 😉

7 Responses

  1. Hee hee! Is it too much info to share that in my 40’s I’ve discovered it’s far easier to disposable razor the errant hairs below the browline! 😉
    (Did it in my 30s too…the 40s SOOOOO rock…seriously!)

  2. I’m 39 and I’ve never had to pluck my eyebrows. I’m lucky, cause they are really light. I thought I was fat in high school too. I don’t even want to think about what I am now at a hundred pounds more!

  3. I think the 30’s is when you really feel adulthood.
    And, I too, can’t believe I didn’t know my stomach was unusually flat in high school.
    Too late now.

  4. Even at 40 I am sometimes not sure I am ready for it all. But I can tell you one thing about 40 – you really do not mind what other people think of you.

  5. Isn’t it depressing when you look back at old photos and realize just how thin you actually were – when you thought you were fat?

    I thought I was fat in college, and now I would give my left boob to be that skinny again (well, that’s a slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean).

    And don’t even get me started on errant hairs!

  6. You know, I don’t think people felt the same way when they had kids in their 20’s, at least my mother didn’t My mother had me quite young. She did all the hard parts of child-rearing while she was still young and energetic. By the time she was my age, I was in college and she was still young enough to still really enjoy her 30’s and develop a great relationship with her adult daughter.

  7. at least it’s only your eyebrows! Since i was pregnant with my twins… facial hair! It’s awful! Every single time I ovulate!!! UGH!
    Getting old sucks!

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