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Long Paper

What do you get when mommy receives a package with lots of crumpled up paper?

Shadow kids!

The only thing I did was trace the kids. They did all the rest. (You might not be able to see the tracing unless you click the picture to make it larger.)

Maggie's Shadow

Maggie's Shadow

Burke's Shadow

Burke's Shadow

Logan's Shadow

Logan's Shadow





Day 2

Finished up on Day 2

Finished up on Day 2

Burke's OTHER Shadow

Burke's OTHER Little Shadow (Logan)

3 Responses

  1. Fun activity!!

    And I know part of it is the angle of the photographs and all that distorts sizes, but I swear, I can hardly tell Logan and Burke apart sometimes!

  2. Yay!! We do this every year. It’s neat to see how the kids have grown over the past year.

  3. At A’s playschool they do that each year – and the kids off course love it.

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