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Butter Me Up

When this ad came out, I nearly peed my pants.

That is my Dad! (well, that’s not my Dad, but my Dad puts that much butter on EVERYTHING.)

Don’t get me wrong … the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving are to die for (heh, literally considering I’m pretty sure he uses 2 sticks of butter).

My sister once asked him how he gets his salmon so tasty. Knowing that she’s very health conscious, he went into the detailed description of how he does this and that … after about 5 minutes he came clean and said “I use a stick of butter.” LOL!

Are you a Butterton?

5 Responses

  1. I am! This commercial makes me feel so guilty! But, I can’t stop myself!

  2. lol, Hubs is a butterton! And I knew exactly which ad you were talking about without even watching it because every time I see it I think, “That’s Hubs!”

  3. Mmmm butter! You need it if you want to enjoy life & all of its deliciousness.
    Are you sure your dad ‘only’ uses 2 sticks in the mashed potatoes? Although maybe he’s cut back being he’s eating healthier now. 🙂

  4. LOL! I am not a butterton, although i do love butter. The only food that I add lots of butter to is mashed potatoes… although nowhere near like your dad. lol

  5. Oh I am so a Butterton. I do hold myself back most of the time though.

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