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Long Overdue

Mike and I rarely go out. If we do, it’s always a family member (*ahem*,  Cathy) who looks after the kids.

Part of our problem is the guilt we feel leaving three kids to someone else to put to bed. It’s not an easy task for the two of US, so we don’t feel right about leaving it to someone who isn’t used to it.

Part of the problem is finding a sitter. I suppose we could interview people found on care.com or craigsist or sittercity or something…but that feels so….nanny-ish – and we already have one of those! And since I was a babysitter growing up, I know the sense of community that comes with it – so finding someone we sort of know through the community seemed like the right way to go.

Our neighbors right across the street have two daughters; one who is so incredibly busy with school/work/social life that she’s never home. The other is still a little too young to be left alone. Especially with 3 kids. (I so need to start hiring her as a mother’s helper so when she gets a little older she’ll be perfectly groomed. *grin* )

Our church also has some very lovely ‘tweens who would be perfect mother’s helpers. Again, don’t think they’d do very well alone with 3 kids right now.

One of my twin mom friends (Hi Anna!) has an older daughter who came over to “play” with the kids today. She’s GREAT!! Built-in twin experience. The kids really loved playing with her. I could hear lots of giggles for the time she was here. She’s pretty busy as well, but I think she’ll be able to squeeze us into her schedule every now and then 🙂

The plan, right now, is to have her come over after we put the kids to bed and rush out for a late dinner somewhere. Wish us luck!! 🙂

5 Responses

  1. I’m not ready to let someone else put my kids to bed. Penny is so finiky when it comes to eating that it is tough to put her down. I worry about Husband doing it alone when I’m working late! I agree re: babysitters – shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to have someone watch your TV.

  2. We also prefer to get the kids in bed first, but sometimes it just can not. And lo and behold, it’s worked every time. Have a great date night.

  3. Good luck. I know good and reliable sitter are a treasures.

  4. the offer to do a babysitting date-night swap is still on the table!

  5. I just want to throw out there that even though the night time ritual might be rough for you, kids tend to become angels when they have a good babysitter over. It’s amazing the transformation that happens when mommy and daddy are gone. Something to ponder.

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