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Long Day

It’s just after noon, and it’s already been a long day. Mostly because it was a long, long night. We actually got to bed early for a change (11:00…I know, what the heck?! We need to start going to bed earlier). But Logan woke up somewhere between 11:30 and 11:45 for at least 15 minutes of solid crying until the Gas-B-Gone kicked in. (That’s two nights in a row…gotta monitor his intake over the next few days to see why he’s been so gassy.)

Then around 1AM, Maggie woke up crying. She was complaining – at first – that her legs were hurting. And then that she’d had a bad dream. And then back to her legs hurting. And then that she was going to throw up. *sigh* Have I mentioned that she’s somewhat of a drama queen? I have to imagine that the nights she sleeps on her stomach, her legs fall to sleep…it freaks her out, so perhaps THAT is the bad dream? And she got a lot of attention the week she was throwing up, so I imagine that she’s using that as a last-ditch effort to gain the attention she thinks she should be getting at such an hour.

She woke up again at 2AM and 3:30. The 3:30 episode woke Burke up … who didn’t want to go back to sleep without Daddy staying for a while (like he does when they’re first falling to sleep.)

Burke also woke up at 6AM requesting his “4.” (He’s been playing with the candle shaped into the number 4 from their birthday cake.) I groaned and told him it was too early – he could have it when we woke up for the day. (Mike had already re-set the alarm around 2:30 or so.)

I really, really hope they all sleep through the night tonight!!

6 Responses

  1. I hope tonight is much better for you! It is no fun for anyone when Mom doesn’t get much sleep!!

  2. Oh my, the perfect storm of unreasonable wake-ups!

    Hope it’s MUCH better tonight!

  3. Good luck tonight! I hope you are getting some sleep!

  4. Holy moly mama! Sounds like a long and sleepless nite. Poor you and poor kiddies.
    I hope that you have a better nite tonite.

  5. Oh that is tough! We all get those nights. The nursing sister gave me good advice years ago – do not lie down with your kids when they go to sleep – they will wake up and find you missing, and not go back to sleep on their own. Teash them to fall asleep on their own – it has worked well for us. We slowly and gently phased out the lieing next to her to fall asleep.

  6. Sounds like a day in the life of me! Hope they’re doing better for you now!

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