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It’s Been a LONG Winter

WARNING: Not for the queasy stomached!!

We finally got Burke off the meds for his ear infection and Logan off the nebulizer and his meds when all hell breaks loose.

It all started last night a 7PM. ooooh – nope, it started Monday morning when Logan threw up in the car with Daddy while taking the twins to school. He was okay for the rest of the day, but then was awake for a few hours throwing up around 1AM Monday night.

Okay – back to last night, 7PM. Mike was giving the kids a bath when Burke threw up in the tub. Uhg. Dragged all 3 kids out (Logan was done, but the other two still had soap all over them). As a side note, Maggie had her first shower last night!

Finally got everyone into bed and under control by about 8PM. Mike and I came downstairs to eat some dinner and watch some TV (The Mentalist). We didn’t get very far when Burke was throwing up again…and then Maggie started.

Many PJ changes and bedding changes later – and Mike and I start feeling icky. (Probably around 10PM or 11PM.) I think I held out until about 1AM, but Mike was hit before then.

Many trips to the bathroom later, at around 5AM Logan wakes up crying. Diaper explosion. So bad that the entire inside of his PJs are just covered. Dumped him into the tub and hoped he’d go back to sleep after I got him all cleaned up.

Meanwhile, Maggie’s woken up probably every 1/2 hour to an hour to either throw up or just spit into the toilet.

When 8AM rolled around and the nanny showed up – I’m guessing you could see the complete and total relief on our faces. I got Maggie dressed and downstairs onto the couch (Burke and Logan were still sleeping). By the time Logan and Burke woke up, Maggie had thrown up again (and apparently did 2 or 3 more times throughout the morning).

Mike and I slept from when the nanny showed up until 4PM when she had to go home. Wow.

It’s now 5PM and Mike just got in from shoveling and is headed back to bed. The twins are pink cheeked and lounging on the couch watching TV. And I’m about to go wake Logan up from his nap.

Wish us a better night tonight!

8 Responses

  1. Oh you poor, poor thing. I don’t think I’ve ever heard about it hitting quite that fast for everyone. You know, the first one gets sick, then two days later the next one, then two days later…

    With all of you sick at once, that’s insanity and I’m so sorry you had to go through with that!!!!!

  2. Oh dear. You must be exhausted.
    ( Throwing up in the tub? Wow. Mommy bad dream)

  3. Oh my! That’s terrible! I’m going to stop complaining immediately about that awful coughing sickness we have going on!

    I hope everyone is feeling better soon…you’ve had a rough few weeks, health-wise.

    And the class must have felt empty today…my boys were home too with their coughing/fevers.

  4. ughh.that sounds like pure misery. hope you are ALL feeling better.

  5. Wow!! What a marathon! One that nobody needs or deserves. My heart goes out to you and yours. Fervently wishing and hoping that you all feel better ASAP or earlier.

  6. I hope you all feel better soon!

  7. Oh poor, poor you! I hope you are all feeling better and will have a good sound sleep.

  8. And Mike STILL shoveled!?!?!? Very impressive. Poor guys!!!

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