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Moon Poop

Maggie was pretending to give out presents to everyone tonight. We had to make a big show of “opening” these presents while she watched. We then had to ask “What is it?” To which she’d reply, “Moon Poop! hahaha!” Where the heck did she get that? LOL

If she happened to open a “present” that we gave to her…and it happened to be Moon Poop – she’d say “No more Moon Poop!” and throw it into the other room.

At one point she chastised me for giving her a snowball. heh Then she started requesting them.

So…we broke into a “snowball” fight. The kids would designate where the snowball hit: in your eye, on your nose, in your mouth, on your head. Sometimes we’d catch them, sometimes we’d catch them in our mouths (watch out for yellow snow! They’d tell us the color as well)…but mostly they just hit their mark and we’d react accordingly.

LOL Now that’s MY kind of snowball fight 😉

5 Responses

  1. She is very imaginative. I noticed that when we were over and she would come and do pretend with me and Husband. I think it involved “gluing” objects to our hands.

  2. Sounds fun! Katie likes to make “cake” and “cookies” out of everything. At bath, she has foam letters and numbers which she piles up in 3 layer “cookies” across the tub. She is then the storekeeper and we have “order” a specific color combination of cookie (we’ve learned thought that we can’t give her a hard time…we have to order the pre-made ones 🙂

  3. LOL Maggis is a smartie pants for her age! Moon Poop! hahaha
    Can not even imagine the silly things she will come up with in a year if this is how silly she is now. LOL

  4. That is SO my kind of snowball fight too.
    As you can imagine (me being a snow hater)…I do not enjoy having snow thrown at me.
    I will come back with a serious vengeance per chance it should happen.

  5. Oh and Moon Poop should be a children’s book.

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