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Part of my conversation with Burke after school today:

Me: Did you guys sing today?

Burke: Yes!

Me: What song did you sing?

Burke: Tinkerbells!

Me: I don’t think I know that one. Can you sing it for me?

Burke: Yes!
(Breaks into song)
Tinkerbells, Tinkerbells, Tinker all the way….

Me: Uhhmmm….Are you sure it’s not Jingle Bells?

Burke: Nope…Tinkerbells.
(Breaks into song again…just to prove it.)

Okay then.

2 Responses

  1. Well, he has one up on Katie – at least you know what he’s saying. I can only identify her songs from the melody (which I’m proud to say is dead on – thank goodness for something). The other night she was stalling her bedtime and kept asking for something that I couldn’t understand – finally had to get hubbie involved to figure out what she was saying and all along she wanted me to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider…oh, the things I thought she was saying….I would LOVE to hear Tinker Bells 🙂

  2. I think you should write that one down….OH!!! I guess you did. I think that is adorable.

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