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Favorite Foods: A – Z

Can you tell food is on the brain? *sigh* These foods, although favorites, aren’t necessarily on my diet…

A – Artichokes

B – Beef Stew

C – Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl (Perhaps I should just say Chocolate)

D – Dough (as in, Fried Bread. With powdered sugar.)

E – Eggs (the Deviled kind)

F – Freetos

G – Goobers (That’d be chocolate covered peanuts)

H – Hot Dogs (From Fenway!)

I – Ice Cream. HäagenDazs bars – all the way!

J – Jax

K – Krispie Kreams

L – Lasagna

M – Mike’s Marinated Chicken on the grill

N – Noodles

O – Onion Soup (of the French variety.) Even though it gives me a headache.

P – Potatoes – any kind…except sweet. Those are not potatoes.

Q – Quiche Lorraine

R – Root Beer Float (I know – not really a food.)

S – Shepherd’s Pie

T – Turkey

U – Ugli fruit

V – Veal Parmesan

W – Waffles (especially Dad’s.)

X –

Y – Yogurt (I couldn’t think of anything else…not a HUGE fan, but it’s okay)

Z – Zucchini

2 Responses

  1. I like your A-Z lists 🙂

    Thanks for the tickly teeth tip. You know, I actually have asthma, so now I’m wondering if that’s why my teeth tickle? Except that it seems to have started after I chipped my tooth.

    *sigh* I don’t know. It’s very annoying though.

  2. Fenway hot dogs DO so rule! Had my first a few months ago, and if $$ were no object (which regretfully, it is…) I’d be back up there for one again next summer!

    Love your A-Z lists!

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