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I just got a text from Mike:

Logan stood by himself and took a step toward me!:)

How cool is that?! And how neat for Mike that he was there for this first. 🙂

Which brings up the typical question that people ask me: does it bother me that I miss a lot of “firsts” because I work full-time.

Honestly? Not really. I mean, there’s a little pang of “dang – I wish it happened when I was there!” …but my feeling is that he’ll do it again around me and it will still be MY first. And I’m still super excited that it happened at all!

I’m actually surprised at how many firsts I HAVE seen (of all 3 kids). Of course, they may have still been just my firsts with them if the nanny or whoever else neglected to let me know that they’d done whatever it was before…but like I said – it’s exciting when you see it for the first time no matter if it’s the kid’s first time or not 🙂

I can’t wait to get home to “try him out” LOL

8 Responses

  1. Awwwww! What a momentous occasion! You’ll have to get some video…and maybe share? 😉 I miss those toddley first steps!

  2. Mike was probably worried I would tattle…Logan was standing on his own at pick up today. What a cutie that kid is, with those big, big eyes!

  3. Hooray for Logan! And look out world! 🙂

  4. Yay!!! I knew it would be anytime now.

  5. Yeah logan! Well done Big guy!

  6. Logan (with the cool name) is starting to walk?
    OOOOO I love that toddler walk. Like a dinosaur on pain meds.
    “pang of dang”….so funny.

  7. Oh cool! Congrats Logan. And I do feel like you re, work and firsts.

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