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Music To My Ears

I thought it would be fun to write down the concerts I’ve been to. You can gasp in awe, laugh your butt off, or nod in a “oh ya, I did that” kind of way … but just know that I really enjoyed each one – at least at the time I went. πŸ˜‰

  1. Joan Baez. This is totally because of my Mom. She brought us to some big fair grounds in Vermont when I was pretty little…I remember hearing some songs I knew. And that I got a free Seagram’s 7 t-shirt before I even know what it was. (I believe I was in grade school).
  2. New Kids on the Block. Yep… I was in Junior High and loved, loved, loved them. Not sure I’d attend one now – but man, what memories πŸ™‚ Went with my teeny bopper friends and we even spent the night in a hotel room.
  3. Damn Yankees/Bad Company. These two bands toured together when I was in high school. I fell in love with Bad Company that night. Damn Yankees was just too loud…like, loud enough that it was hard to hear them at all. Went with a bunch of high school friends; we were in a tiny auditorium in Vermont.
  4. Billy Joel. I was in college and took a road trip with my roommate. He’s such a great pianist!!
  5. Elton John. Same thing as Billy Joel. It wasn’t the tour that they did together though. Another great pianist!
  6. The Connels. Tiny little bar in Vermont. GREAT show!! I went with my best friend Karen.
  7. 2003 WBOS Earthfest – pouring down rain. We got *drenched*
    • Sheryl Crow. She was the headliner and she absolutely rocked!
    • Alice Peacock. I had no idea who she was at the time.
    • Big Head Todd and The Monsters. Mike used to see these guys in college bars. I’d never heard of them.
    • Peter Wolf. One word: OLD.
    • Nickel Creek. We had no idea who they were, but walked away with their Smoothie song stuck in our heads.
    • Sister Hazel. I enjoyed them more than I liked Sheryl Crow! We got into line to have a CD autographed after the show. I even got to talk with them!!
  8. 2004 WBOS Earthfest- beautiful day, we got pretty good seats. But thank goodness not THAT good because one of the many-foot high speakers fell into the audience right before Third Eye Blind played. Talk about scary. My sister Cathy and her boyfriend at the time (Jon) went with us.
    • Peter Wolf. See 2003.
    • Los Lonely Boys. OMG – these guys put on a MAJOR show. We couldn’t stop talking about them for weeks. If you ever get the chance to see them – they do amazing things with the guitar.
    • Third Eye Blind. Do I really need to say anything here? These guys are great.
    • Edie Brickell. Holy shy…but I love her voice.
  9. Neil Diamond. Another guy who really knows how to move. He’s still got it πŸ™‚ I went with my sister Sharon (we grew up on Neil – thanks Mom!), and we were dancing in our seats.
  10. 2007 WBOS Earthfest- I have to admit, I don’t remember a lot of this…or even who we actually saw. We had the kids with us and they just wanted to run around and around. My sister Sharon, her husband, and their son went with us.
    • Guster. All I remember is that my little sister Meghan was incredibly jealous that we were going to see these guys…and we may have actually left before they started.
    • KT Tunstall. I do remember hearing her two songs that were popular at the time…
    • Mat Kearney. Still not sure I know who this guy is.
    • the John Butler Trio. Or these guys.
    • Vega4. Ditto
    • Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. And again. (told you I wasn’t paying a lot of attention.)
  11. Great Big Sea.Β  I was pregnant with Logan and got VERY tired. But I enjoyed every minute. πŸ™‚
  12. Great Big Sea (again). You saw my post about this one. We went with our friends Callum and Sharon.

Unfortunately, WBOS changed their format. They still have the free Earthfest concerts, but they just aren’t they same.

Dang. I’ve seen more than I thought! Not a huge number by any means, but go me πŸ™‚ I wonder if I’ve forgotten anyone.

What’s your list? If you put one up on your blog – let me know! (Pssst…easy/fun NaBlo post…)

3 Responses

  1. Ooh, I may have to do that, myself! πŸ™‚

  2. I know what I’ll be posting today, though it’s highly doubtful I’ll remember all the shows I’ve seen… πŸ™‚

    Thanks, neat idea! And what an eclectic group you’ve seen!

  3. Thanks Nancy! I spent the last two hours compiling my list…


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