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Lately I’ve been on a Cream Cheese and Raspberry Jelly sandwich kick. Mostly because I made one for Logan while the twins were having PB&J (which Logan can’t have yet), and he turned his nose up at it. (The first time anyway. The second time I made one for him – hoping I’d be able to snarf that one too – he gobbled the whole thing.)

Growing up we had a lot of PB&J … but the “J” was grape, not raspberry…I can’t eat grape jelly anymore and I think it’s because of overload when I was little. Wonder if the kids will do the same with raspberry jelly now. Hmm. Something to think about. Probably not since this isn’t something that will be in their lunch at school as it was for me (no peanut butter allowed at school now.)

We also ate a lot of PB&F – fluff. YUM! At least, my taste buds remember yum. I’m not sure I’d be able to eat that anymore though – holy sweet. I think I’ll let my taste buds have their memory. I could never spread the fluff without ripping the bread – my Grandma had that covered though. )

A few in my family liked PB&B – banana. I don’t remember ever eating one of those, and it sounds more appealing now than it did back then. Perhaps I’ll give that a try at some point.

However, as I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter, I’d rather have a roast beef and bacon sub.

What are your favorite sandwiches? Any strange combinations?

10 Responses

  1. The secret I learned recently about spreading Fluff is to take out a chunk from the container & put it on a plate or even just some wax paper & microwave it for a few seconds (10-15?), then it spread pretty well. It is sweet but I still eat it on occasion. But for a little more added sweetness add a little honey to your PB & Fluff. 🙂

    I’ve never had a roast beef & bacon, but it sounds really good. I’ll be picking up some roast beef when I go shopping tomorrow! I bought some Boars Head Horseradish sauce a couple weeks ago & have been using that on my roast beef sandwiches, yummy. Bacon sounds like a good addition though (almost everything is better with bacon).

  2. Oh!! I can’t believe I totally forgot about PB&H! We used to eat Peanut Butter and honey (from the bees on our land) all the time too. YUM-MY.

    Jon. I can’t believe you put the honey into the fluff! WOW. holy sweet.

  3. I really only ever had strawberry jelly as a kid, maybe raspberry, so I don’t like grape or any other kind. Only strawberry. 🙂

    My favorite PB-based sandwich is peanut butter, jelly (strawberry, of course), and banana. Preferrably on wheat toast.

    Overall, though, I’ll take a BLT any day of the week. Turkey club is good too, but why bother if you can just have bacon?
    (Am I a good Jew, or what? Mmm, bacon…)

  4. I love peanut butter even though it makes me feel sick. BLT’s like the Goddess above..yum.
    But the love of my life is a drippy GYRO.
    Ahh….sends my heart a-beating.

  5. Darren is ALL about the peanut butter and honey…Sarah used to like peanut butter and fluff, but lately likes cream cheese and black olive or simply smoked gouda slices on whole wheat. For me, any sandwich with no tomatoes will usually be okay! 😉

  6. I’m not a big peanut butter fan myself, but I do like grilled peanut butter sandwiches. My husband introduced me to these, and YUM!

    Also, I really like turkey and cheese sandwiches with salt and vinegar potato chips. Inside the sandwich. I love the tangy crunch, but people always stare at me like I’ve grown two heads when I eat sandwiches this way. I don’t get it. What’s the difference if you eat potato chips in the sandwich, or along with it? Either way, it tastes the same!

  7. One word for ya, NUTELLA!

  8. We are total PB& J lovers here! My girls will ONLY eat apple though! I love strawberry but now just eat apple along with the girls. What is Fluff? The marshmallowly stuff???

    We also do add honey to our PB sandwiches. THey love that too!

  9. Did have PB&P a few times. That would be pickle, sweet not dill if I remember correctly. Then there’s the straight up Crunchy JIF sandwich with nothing else. I must be more sophisticated now, since it’s a bagel and cream cheese……..

  10. The soybean butter isn’t a bad peanut butter substitute. I make my boys SB&J (soybean butter and jelly), fluffer-faux-nutters, and SB&H (soybean butter and honey) sandwiches. Only bad part is that the soybean butter costs more than double peanut butter. Yet one more annoyance of a nut allergy!

    My favorite weird sandwich: grilled cheese and jelly. Don’t knock it until you try it. I mean, cheese and fruit pair together perfectly, so a grilled cheese with a jelly isn’t such a weird combo. I like a sharp cheddar with strawberry jam. Yum!

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