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Interrupted Sleep

Before I go to bed each night, I go in to check on the kids one last time. This is when I get my sleepy hug, so that’s good…but it’s also when I move the twins from the floor or rocking chair – or wherever they’ve decided to land for the night – so it ah, kind of wakes them up a bit. And sometimes when I go into Logan’s room, he stirs just a bit as well (Darn those squeaky floors!) …none of them actually wake up fully, but they definitely experience some bothersome sleep disruption.

Is this a bad thing?? I mean, that whole uninterrupted sleep and all. I know as parents we don’t have this pleasure…but as kids? Shouldn’t they be getting uninterrupted sleep? I guess it’s a moot point since I’m obviously not going to stop going in there…

7 Responses

  1. I go in to my kids’ rooms at night too, on the way to bed. I can’t help it. They just look so peaceful, and sweet, and I can’t resist.

    Sleep is important, but so are those little sleepy moments with them, I think.

  2. Some sleep experts actually suggest that a slight disturbance as you go to bed will prevent night wakings later in the night. No idea if it’s true, but maybe you’re actually helping them instead of disturbing them. 😉 Plus putting them into their own beds can only improve sleep in the long run, right?

    I need that last bit of lovin’ before I go to bed.
    Makes ME sleep better.
    I’m so darn selfish!

  4. Knowing you do this…will help them sleep better for the rest of their lives.

    How that for drama?

  5. Nothing wrong with checking on the kids! I do it every night for all nine kids STILL. LOL

  6. I think all of us Moms do this. And I look at it this way – it’s a heck of a lot more comfy for them to sleep in their bed than on the floor, halfway off the bed, in a chair and so on 😀

  7. I have a video monitor. My kids are terrible sleepers and wake up and think they should play. Needless to say I am loving my monitor!

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