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GrannyFrani read the comics yesterday and swears that the creators of Baby Blues have been reading my blog. Especially the laundry post.


I wish I could just embed it, but I’m sure that’s against all sorts of copyright laws. Hey Baby Blues guys! (Ya, you – Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott.) Have you been reading my blog? And if so – or even if not, may I put your comic in my blog? (I’m sure they’ll be right on that.)

(Thanks Mom 🙂 )

Dirty Laundry: Laura – I totally agree…I don’t mind doing the wash part of laundry, it’s the folding part that I hate.

BPS: Yup, Heather, Logan is a pretty good sport for most things. We call him God’s gift to us because we had twins first LOL Bia – I totally agree! Fall is the best time for picture taking outside. I love fall colors 🙂

Slippers!: Hop on Pop! What a Card, we love that book! Hm. wonder if THAT’S why they hop on Mike so much…heh Laura, I think you’re right – Ta Da! is definitely what Logan is saying there. Gio – We’ve gotten slippers from Bean and from Land’s End. Bean’s seem to stay on better and don’t get as ragged as fast.

I’m.So.Tired.: Thanks to everyone for their sympathy/empathy 🙂 Gio, please let me know if that mouth piece works! Sleeping next to Darth Vadar, Heather? LOL that might freak me out a bit. Although, if it’s constant, I’d take that over snoring. LOL Cheryl, I think I’ve been snoring lately too :”> Luckily, Mike’s a pretty deep sleeper, so I don’t think I wake him up…I’m thinking that it’s contagious though, cuz I never snored before I met him!

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  1. I LOVE Baby Blues – it never fails to crack me up!

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