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Those Darn Monkeys

Burke was up a lot last night. Mike went in a few times (and actually ended up sleeping on the floor with Burke after he woke up for the 4th time), and I went in once. My conversation with Burke when I went in:

Burke: (running and jumping into my arms as I opened the door) Monkeys eat Burke’s Soup! (pause – then *gasp*) In the eye!

Me: (very sleepy at 4am – not sure I’m hearing right) Huh? Monkeys ate your soup and are in your eye??

Burke: Yes!!

Me: Uhm. Burke, did you have a bad dream?

Burke: Yeah.

We sprayed the monster spray to get rid of the bad dreams and he went back to sleep on the rocking chair (for about 1/2 hour – see above).

When I went back in to our bedroom, Mike asked if he was okay and I told him of our conversation. Apparently Burke mentioned the monkey poked him in the eye when Mike went in the time before…but Mike didn’t realize it was a dream LOL

On a totally unrelated note, when Burke woke up this morning we had the following conversation:

Burke: Friends over to Burke’s house.

Me: What friends, Burke?

Burke: School friends.

Me: Which school friend?

Burke: All friends!

Okay then.

Vultures: faemom – I usually hide out in my kitchen if it’s chocolate or something like that. I should have known better. ♦ What a Card – OMGosh! That’s the cutest thing EVER!! But OMG – I’m so not ready for that LOL! ♦ Amy and Rhonda – I know, right? The kids won’t eat what I put in front of them, but will totally mooch off of Daddy’s plate…even if it’s the same exact thing. oy. ♦ Silver – Geeez…I didn’t even THINK of that…perhaps this should be my new diet plan. Eat in front of the kids for ALL meals and snack and I’ll just starve to death 😀

Awww (again): Laura – I’m a tech writer. I have to follow the rules…it’s built in! heh Plus, I just copied and pasted from the person who passed it on to you *grin* (You just learned the secret to half of what I do all day at work LOL!)

BPS – Animal Kingdom: Cheryl – That telepathic twin parenting zone thing MUST be going on. 🙂

5 Responses

  1. I love hearing about the boys’ dreams. It’s totally random out of nowhere stuff….but it’s sooo funny!

  2. And, since I’m working on “being green,” I have to ask- Is Monster Spray really okay for the environment?

  3. I am going to have to make some monster spray! (Maybe with some lavender to put them to sleep! 🙂 )

    Hope the Monkey goes away for you! 🙂

  4. Love the Monster spray idea – we’ll definitely be using that!

    The Broken Man

  5. Ha! That sounds like quite a dream.

    The monster spray idea is a good one. Fortunately, monsters aren’t an issue at our house yet. However, last week Bee woke me up at 3 in the morning, to ask, “Mommy, what if the tornado siren goes off when I’m sleeping?!”

    I guess I need…er…tornado spray? Or siren spray?

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