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Yucky Nose

Burke was sitting on my lap in his room this morning. This is the conversation Mike and I had with him:

Burke: Yucky nose!
(meaning his nose is running.)

Mike: Do you want Daddy to get you a Kleenex?

Burke: No. Shirt!
(As he reaches for my shirt to wipe his nose!)

Needless to say, Mike lost it – which made Burke laugh too…as Mom is sitting there wondering where the heck he GETS this stuff. Mike is sure it’s ingrained since he’s a boy. *sigh*

5 Responses

  1. Wait a few years. Then they start decorating the walls with booger art. *gag*

  2. Oh dear. Well, take comfort in the fact that it was his own shirt, and not YOURS! This is Cakesie’s favorite trick. She walks up to me and very casually drags her snotty nose along the bottom of my shirt, or occasionally my pants. It’s delightful.

  3. I once caught my toddler standing on tiptoes and then dragging his nose down the wall to wipe off the snot. Yuck.

  4. Quick Zips were those jeans back in 1984 that had a zipper running right from the front, all around the crotch, to the back. You would take them out of the dryer and have to find both legs and put them back together again! They also had them with the zipper up the sides and fronts of the legs. They were cool pants! lol

    Thanks for stopping by my site!

  5. Must come from HIS side of the family! WE would never do anything like that on our side — except maybe the lol.

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