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Nature is Exploding!

Over the past few days, there have been various critters showing up in our back yard. Tonight we saw a big brown bunny hop from one back yard to another. (The twins ran after it and probably gave the poor thing a heart attack.)

And a (blue?) heron flew overhead – legs sprawled out impressively behind it.

Just after it, I saw a bright red cardinal. I just LOVE those 🙂

We see a *FAT* squirrel all the time (feasting on the food my kids won’t touch, I’m sure.)

Yesterday, I witnessed a chipmunk disappear in the middle of our lawn and realized that he’s using an old (very deep) hole that the previous owners left when they removed the ham radio antenna poles.

And I took these photos from my front porch yesterday. The falcon sat on our fence for quite some time!

Falcon on the Fence

Falcon on the Fence

Falcon on the Fence

Falcon on the Fence 2

Falcon on the Fence 2

Falcon on the Fence 3

It’s not like having coyotes in your back yard in Vermont – but hey! it’s nature – and I’ll take it! 🙂

4 Responses

  1. What great pictures! I love falcons. I imagine he was waiting for that chipmunk to come back out.

  2. So nice to see a little bit of nature in your backyard.

  3. Omigosh! Incredible! Whenever you need a cardinal fix (they are SO pretty) you just come visit us here in VA. 😉
    (We’ve got some chipmunks for your entertainment as well….. 😉 )

  4. I’m just getting birds in my garden – 9 years after I moved in! I would love to have ‘critters’ in there too.

    Came over from Lit and Laundry – to say hello.


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