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Boys vs. Girls

(originally emailed to MMOTA group and family)

Ahhh the minds of kids. I brought Maggie a headband tonight and she loved it…Burke wanted one too, so we told him that headbands are for girls, not boys and went on to explain that mommy and Maggie are girls; Burke, Daddy, and Logan are boys. hmm. okay.

At bath time, Maggie put up a HUGE stink and did not want to get in the water. Cried the whole time…through drying off, getting PJs on, brushing her teeth, combing and drying her hair, waiting for daddy to get her taggie from downstairs.. .oy!

She FINALLY looked up at me with huge tears in her eyes and said “Maggie’s not a girl any more!”
To which a baffled mommy said “wha..? What did you say Maggie?”
“Maggie’s not a girl any more! Daddy took Maggie’s headband off!!”
whooo boy. She was sooooooo sad!

It’s not easy to explain to a kid that wearing a headband isn’t what makes you a girl! (we tried some anatomy, but I’m not sure she believed us…)

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