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One of Those Days

I woke up this morning not feeling well. I had thought I’d be able to pull myself together to get to church and then the festivities after – I even geared the kids up for the water fun day at church, but I just couldn’t do it. Mike wasn’t feeling well either…and when Burke mentioned his tummy hurt, that was the icing. I went back to bed while my savior of a husband watched the kids.

After a couple-hour nap, I woke up feeling much better and Mike went to work. Burke perked up and we played with bubbles outside for a while. I weeded the 1st garden while the kids played with the Gigaball and the clubhouse…until it started to rain.

At first, the kids were fine in their various toys because they were “inside” … so I went under the canopy and figured we’d all be set. The rain had other ideas…so we ran inside and dried off.

Mike got home and we decided that no one felt like cooking – and since the Red Sox won yesterday, our local 99 restaurant has free kids meals (1 per each adult). We pulled in to the parking lot and discovered that Burke had neglected to put his shoes on. Crap. Okay – back home without even getting out of the car. Maggie and Logan were beside themselves and immediately broke down…which, of course, put us in wonderful moods. Fine – if this is the way everyone is going to act – we’re coming home and staying there!

Luckily, the kids can’t really tell time yet, so we started a bath an hour early, which meant the bed time routine started an hour early…and there are 3 kids in bed! (And 2 adults heading there soon.)

I suppose that’s the price you pay for holding a back yard BBQ that goes a bit past the kids’ typical bed time. It’s worth it at the time, but the following days are killers!