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Testing, Testing, 1…2…3

Remember Logan’s 2-year appointment and how he was such a little peanut, Dr. Doctor wanted him to come back in 6 months to track his weight and height?

That appointment was yesterday. I wish I had paid more attention to the actual numbers when the nurse was measuring him because they weren’t recorded in his little blue book … it wasn’t a “typical” appointment. I remember that his weight is 26.7 pounds (up almost 3 pounds in 6 months), but I don’t remember what his height was (which, of course, is the thing that’s become worrisome). I do know that he is still in the 10th percentile (perhaps even 6th or 7th), so Dr. Doctor has now ordered blood tests. She said based on his growth chart, we could easily convince ourselves “either way” … but obviously, getting some tests done to rule things out is the way to go. She’s trying to rule out low growth hormone levels, thyroid problems, and celiac.

So, trooper that he is, Logan sat on my lap while they siphoned 5 vials of blood out of my poor little guy’s arm. He didn’t love it, but I kept talking to him about the donuts he’d be getting when we were done, so that seemed to distract him enough. And he even said “Thank you!” to the nurses when we were done, so he couldn’t have been too traumatized 😉

Keep your fingers crossed that nothing shows up and he’s just going to be little.