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Another Day, Another Disease.

We now have a stomach virus working its way through the house.

Logan was hit over the weekend. He’s just starting to be able to keep things down.

I felt queasy Sunday and Monday. I was worried about keeping things down, but managed to be okay.

Maggie woke up with a scream last night…when we went in to see what was wrong, the first thing out of her mouth was “I don’t think I can go to A’s tomorrow.” (She was supposed to have a playdate with her BFF – breakfast with her and a “for as long as A’s mom can stand her” playdate.) She’s still complaining of her tummy hurting today, but she’s been keeping her food down since that one episode last night.

And now Mike’s heading home from work with the ick. And you KNOW it has to be bad for Mike to leave work!!