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Have You Missed Me For 2 Weeks?

I posted this (sorta) before, but I changed my domain back to wordpress to post this one since I realized this might show up in some feeds 🙂 . (I’ll change it back once I’ve posted…)

Have you noticed that your RSS feeds haven’t been updating to reflect my posts for the last two weeks? That’s cuz I changed my domain 🙂

Update your links to: http://zimmerzoo.com and you’ll be sure to catch every single one of my posts (Still haven’t missed a day in going on 3 years now…)

Update Your Links, Please!

So, while tooling around looking at some of my favorite blogs, I happened to notice that the blogger blogs with links to other blogs (you know, those side links that get updated with the RSS feeds?)…well…if you have mine listed there, the link is stuck from about 2 weeks ago.

It took me a moment to realize that it’s because that’s when I switched over to Zimmerzoo.com – so the RSS feed is broken.

…now, of course…you may not ever see this if you depend on those links to tell you who’s posted an update…but I figured I’d try 😉

If you’re reading this, and you have a link listed, please update it!