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The Ending Was Pretty Sweet Too

I had a really relaxing, wonderful birthday πŸ™‚

Mike had to work late (teaching his lab), which turned out to be okay because I was on the phone all night anyway. My best friend called this morning; my brother called this afternoon; my dad, step-mom, andΒ  not-quite-2-year-old nephew called and left a message while I was putting Logan to bed (they sang Happy Birthday to my voice mail…until Grey hung up on it πŸ˜‰ ); my younger sister (Grey’s mom) called on her way back to Vermont; my little sister left a message on MyFaceSpaceBook; my older sister called tonight; and my mom called too! *phew*

I had a cream cheese and jelly sandwich and a side of steak fries with vinegar. YUM! And didn’t feel guilty about not having a “real” meal … cuz it was just me *grin*

When Mike got home, he had me open a VERY cool present. A Garmin GPS!! I won’t get lost – ever again! WOO HOOOOO! Now, I just gotta figure out how to use all the cool stuff it does. Apparently, it’s an MP3 player and I can download audiobooks and a whole slew of other things. (It’s charging right now – otherwise, I’d be playing rather than blogging.)

I also had … more cake. And even shared some with Mike πŸ™‚

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful Birthday wishes – you all make me smile, and I’m glad to know you!!

A Great Way to Start the Day!

I woke up this morning to Mike trying to get the kids to sing Happy Birthday to me … being the morning kids that they are (I don’t know WHERE they get that πŸ˜‰ ), I got a few mumbles…but they actually did sing a little later on. πŸ™‚

And then when Brenda (the nanny) got here, she came bearing a cake! The kids sang Happy Birthday (again) and begged for cake. . . so we all ate cake for breakfast. And boy was it GOOD. Logan was in heaven. LOL

The best part? Now that they’re all hopped up on cake, I’m upstairs working (ah, blogging), while the hyper kids are all downstairs with Brenda! LOL

About a half hour after I came upstairs, Brenda came up to show me what Maggie had drawn:

M is for Mommy

M is for Mommy

Then I check my email and I see that Cat has left something for me on her blog! What fun!

It’s called Playing Tag with Memory Loss – perfect πŸ˜‰

The instructions are these:

* Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture.

* Pray that you remember the details.

* Tag 5 others.

Since I have been fairly good at moving my pictures to DVDs or Flash drives, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have a sixth folder. Silly me, my procrastination paid off this time…I totally need to back my pictures up!! I was also worried that it might be a terrible, awful, playing with the camera, really bad hair day and still in my PJs picture that was the 6th one. Lucked out here πŸ˜‰ It’s also not a picture you’ve seen before!

Lgoans Baptism

Logan's Baptism Day

This was taken right before we left for church to get Logan Baptized (5.25.08). We were at my Dad’s house because we wanted him to be Baptized in the church I grew up in, Mike and I got married in, and the twins were Baptized in. Plus, we love the minister πŸ™‚Β  (He happens to be my Dad’s best friend, and my best friend’s Dad!)

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One year ago today, you were born via C-Section at 12:33PM.

You weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces and you were 17.5 inches long.

I can’t believe how much you’ve grown in one year!

You are now:

  • Crawling up the slide – the BIG slide.
  • Crawling up the stairs.
  • Crawling up onto diaper boxes I’ve left out.
  • Walking around with your walker, around furniture, or while holding on to my fingers.
  • Trying to walk up the stairs (while holding on to my fingers).
  • Panting like a puppy dog.
  • Saying “moo”
  • Saying “yes” and “dog” (and Brenda – the nanny – swears you’re saying her name.)
  • Eating everything in sight. Favorites are mac & cheese, bananas, waffles, spaghetti, and anything meat (to name just a few).
  • Playing with Burke and by yourself.
  • Waving “bye-bye”
  • Clapping – both to imitate us, and on your own when we say “Yeah, Logan!”
  • Pointing to things – mainly mommy and daddy – and waiting there until one of us comes up, touches your finger and says “Bing!”

Can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing next year. πŸ™‚