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All Hats Should Have Stripes

Yesterday, one of the wonderful ladies from my twins club posted a link to a site that creates personalized Christmas stories for your kids – for free! All you have to do is plug in some information, click the button, and then print it out.

So, trying to be a good mommy, I created one for each kid (there are even 3 different stories – sweet!)

Maggie LOVED her story. And even showed some comprehension! For example, on the first page of her story, it states that she was wearing a striped elf hat. We turned the page and there was a picture of a girl elf. Maggie pointed to it and said, “That’s me!” pause “But I need a striped hat.” Well! Okay then. We finished the story and then spent the rest of the evening putting stripes on all of the hats. LOL!