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Blogging Etiquette?

I’m pretty new to this whole blogging thing (still under a month here), and I’m trying to get the etiquette down. I suppose I could do a search, but I’m wondering what you all do…both when writing your own and when visiting others and commenting.

Commenting on someone else’s blog

  • Is it okay to just post a comment on random people’s blolgs? Even if they have *no* idea who you are? Do you just plunge right in, do you introduce yourself, or what?
  • Do you comment on every blog you read? Just the ones that ask questions or “move” you? What makes you comment?

Answering comments made on your blog

  • Do you reply in your own comments? Or email the person back? A combination of both? When do you do one over the other if it’s both?
  • Do you reply to everyone, or just people who ask questions or raise a good point?


  • Do you ask before adding someone to yours? Or do you just add?
  • Do you ever say “no” if someone asks you? (I’m not sure WHY you’d say no, just thought I’d ask 🙂 )

Thanks for your time 🙂