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Makes My Monday: DRY!

Our town had its annual Halloween parade yesterday. Since it was a little rainy and chilly, I decided to put the kids’ PJs on under their costumes. (Plus, these PJs are the skin-tight kind, so they fit under their costumes quite nicely.)

When we got home, all we had to do was take off the costumes and viola! Ready for bed. Except…then I remembered that Logan usually wears a Pull-up to bed still. So, while we were getting teeth brushed and pottying for the last time of the night, I asked Logan if we should switch to the Pull-up.

He said, “Nope. Undies.”

I kind of looked at him and said, “So…you’ll stay dry all night? You’ll use the potty if you have to pee in the middle of the night and have a dry bed in the morning?”

He nodded.

Okay then….

Fast forward to 4AM. I hear “Mommy!” and think, “doh…” But all he wanted was a re-spray of Monster Spray (thank you, Halloween, for scaring my kid). Since he was up, I insisted that he empty his bladder (which really wasn’t all that full).

Fast forward to 7AM. While trying to figure out if I should wake him up at the same time I’m waking Burke and Maggie for school, Logan wakes up on his own and comes out to say Good Morning….completely DRY!! And he didn’t have to run to the potty either (so I didn’t push it), he went when he was good and ready.

I know he’ll have the occasional accident – it’s bound to happen – but…do I dare say “Buh Bye Pull-ups” ???

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