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Maybe There IS Something…

Burke and Maggie attended Bible School last week…where they learned new songs and sang them the whole week (at home too). I recognized some of it, and they were so excited about it…so I bought the CD of songs. I surprised them by playing it on the drive up to Vermont…they sang along to all the songs – it was really cute!

On the way to watch the Vermont Lake Monsters (Baseball) last night, I popped in the CD in again so they could sing to Nana and Grandpa.

Grandpa was driving my car – thank God – because a car going the opposite direction lost control and was careening directly at us. Grandpa was able to swerve and miss the other car – without hitting anything or rolling the car. (I’m not sure I would have handled things as well…which is why I’m so glad he was driving!!) The near-miss with Bible School songs blaring on the radio gave us all a slight pause.

On the way home, (after listening to other things for a bit), I popped the CD back in …and we were presented with a breathtaking sunset.

(Note the rain off to the right)

I think we’ll be listening to this CD more often…