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Found a Peanut

Logan had his 2 year appointment on Tuesday. Apparently, he’s STILL a little peanut.

The stats
Height: 32.5 in
Weight: 24 lbs
Head Circumference: 49 cm

Dr. Doctor actually re-measured him because she was worried about his height – well, lack-thereof. (And he actually gained 3/4 of an inch when she did.) Apparently he’s hugging the 10th percentile. Which wouldn’t be so bad, but  he was in the 25th percentile at his last appointment, so that means he’s not growing as much as he should be. Dr. Doctor isn’t THAT worried yet – she knows that mommy and daddy aren’t exactly tall – but she doesn’t want to wait until he turns 3 to recheck him. So we’ll go back to have him measured (and weighed, just cuz) in 6 months. He’s only gained 3 pounds in 6 months. I’m not sure what he was supposed to gain, but apparently it was supposed to be more than that!

So…he doesn’t look that little to me. Perhaps it’s because most of the kids I know are little peanuts themselves..? Burke and Marjorie certainly aren’t huge! And he’s just started to be picky about what he eats…but will really eat just about anything you put in front of him. I’ve decided that I’m not going to worry and that I’m happy Dr. Doctor is being pro-active and attentive.

The poor little guy had 2 shots AND blood drawn. For the first shot he looked at it and said “Hey!!” (hehe) for the second one he grumbled a little and said “Bug Bite?” but was just fine. We had a little wait before the blood drawing (it’s on a different floor), so he’d forgotten about the “bug bites” by the time we got in there. He did cry when they stuck him…and he probably would have been fine if it had lasted only as long as a shot – but they took a vial … and he didn’t like that at all. BUT, by the time they put the band-aid on him, he was fine. And he actually took the band-aid off in the car because it was bugging him.