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Tick, Tick, Tick…


Maggie picked up a tick – attached to the upper fold of her ear!! – while we were in Vermont for Easter. Ah, the joys of a Sunrise Service on a beautiful hill-top that is also a cow field šŸ˜‰

So…that was Sunday morning. However, she didn’t mention anything about her ear hurting until MONDAY morning. And that was only to let me know that tucking her hair behind her ear hurt a bit. I looked quickly and at first glance it looked like she had a few scratches in her ear…until I realized that it was LEGS. (barf!!!)

Ya. “Uhm, Mike!!! I NEEEEED YOU!!!” Thank God he hadn’t left for work yet!

We were able to remove the body (SO.GROSS.), but the head was clearly staying put. Yep – Maggie stayed home from school because I was *SURE* the doctor would want to see her. Of course, I couldn’t get a hold of Dr. Pedi until we were already on our way to a different doctor for Logan (Dr. Neck for the nodules in his throat. What? I haven’t mentioned this before? Hm. Next post, I guess). Dr. Pedi didn’t need to see Maggie. I could have sent her to school. HRM. They just need us to watch her for the next 30 days and see if she shows any signs of…well…anything.

So…Tuesday morning, Maggie wakes up and is coughing (not unusual – we ALL are). But she’s coughing so much that she makes herself sick. And at that point I was 99% sure that it’s ONLY because she’d been coughing. (She didn’t even cough for the rest of the day!!) Day 2 of no school for Maggie. OY!

Wednesday went by without a hitch…until bed time. Maggie starts complaining that her arms are itchy. Cue the panic in mom…as a rash is one of the things we’re supposed to be looking for!! Anyway, pretty sure it’s just dry skin, but we’re obviously keeping a close eye on it.

Fingers crossed that it’s nothing!!

2 Responses

  1. My daughter had lyme. We never found a tick. She got a fever and was very lethargic. She also didn’t have the typical bulls eye rash. Actually the ER doc didn’t think she had it and neither did our regular doc. The first test came back negative and we repeated it a couple of weeks later and sure enough it was positive. Just wanted to mention that there are other signs to watch for than the traditional. Hope it all is fine!

  2. Love reading up on the zoo and seeing whats going on….Cant believe how big the kids have gotten! Please tell them I said hello and that I think of them everyday šŸ™‚ Hope things with Logan are okay!

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