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Maggie (finally) decided she wants to play soccer again!!

When sign-ups started – months ago – I asked Maggie if we should sign her up for Spring soccer…figuring she’d say “YES!” because she’d finally started to look like she liked it toward the end of Spring Season, AND she was getting better at it. No dice. So…I asked about every other week or so to see if she’d changed her mind. Nope. Until, that is, my friend D came to visit.

D has coached soccer for about 20 years and she’s REALLY good at it. Her daughter is Maggie’s age, so she’s coaching this age group. We somehow got on the topic of soccer while she was here (surprise, surprise) and she asked Maggie if she’d be playing. “No.” Thank God for D – she then said, “What if I’m your coach, would you play then?” Maggie practically leaped out of her seat and screamed “YES!!” I was like, “Wait – you can do that? She’d definitely be on your team?” Turns out – she can! 🙂

So, Maggie is having the time of her life and LOVING soccer. She wants to play forever – as long as D is her coach. . . which D says can happen. Sweet!

Maggie is in yellow, 2nd from the right

The Team

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