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Fishful Thinking: 101 Things to Do Before the End of Summer

This month’s newsletter is all about the 101 things you want to do before the end of Summer. Feels strange to be thinking about the END of Summer, but it totally makes sense to create a list of things to do over the Summer!

A sample from the newsletter:

Like the movie The Bucket List and the book A Thousand Places to See Before You Die, lists like these can be a fun way to motivate you and your family to do things that might otherwise never make your “to-do” list. The beauty of these lists is that they give your family a chance to share dreams, express what they enjoy most, and encourage them to do things you all will remember for years to come.

I asked the kids what they wanted to do this Summer and they came up with a pretty good list. I’m sure we’ll be adding to it (and only a few of the “planned activities” for the Summer made it onto their list, so these might fit in nicely around those.)

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Go to the swimming pool
  3. Go to Grandpa and Nana’s house
  4. Practice 1st grade books
  5. Go to a baseball game
  6. Play football
  7. So see a Hockey practice (Not sure when these actually start…)
  8. Run in the back yard
  9. Go Camping with a camp fire
  10. Go to the Zoo
  11. Eat lots of ice cream

There is more in the newsletter, so I encourage you to go check it out…and then make your own list!

One Response

  1. Sounds like a FANTASTIC list to me!

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