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Separation Anxiety – In a Dog??

Is it possible for a dog to have separation anxiety?

Our nice, quiet, loving dog from that first week has turned into an anxious, barking (but still loving) guy who doesn’t like it when I’m out of his sight. (Perhaps Mike too, but I’ve noticed it more with me…perhaps simply because I’m the one who is home all day.)

Heaven forbid if I even make a motion for the door. Or put my boots on. Even if it’s to bring HIM out!

I suppose if I’d been left to wander around the streets of the Bronx (where they found him), and then put into a kill shelter (where he was rescued from), I’d be a little anxious as well…but sheeesh!

On the flip side…I’m guessing that means he’s feeling more comfortable here as well. I mean, he was *super* quiet before, and now he’s comfortable letting us know how he feels. And he is *LOVING* playing fetch with his Kong ball (One of two toys he hasn’t completely destroyed in under 2 minutes – the other being the Kong Classic toy). We’ll sit on the couch and he’ll bring the ball over and drop it in someone’s lap (kids included) waiting for someone to toss it. And I swear he’s got this big ol’ grin on his face while his tail is about wagging off his body waiting for that toss. 🙂

3 Responses

  1. Yes, dogs have separation anxiety. Our dog had it and it only got worse over time… Good luck!

  2. Yes, many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. I bet with some time and training it’ll turn around. Best of luck to you!

  3. It is possible and it can get out of hand. Our puppy pushed a window AC unit out and lept into the yard when I ran to the store to grab milk and didn’t crate her. (Thought I was doing her a favor – wrong!). A few years later, she stratched her way through a door. All the way through…she was hurt (minor), the door was ruined. But again, I left her loose thinking she would be happier than in the crate.
    Training now may help nip it before it grows… Good luck!

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