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It’s HERE!!! Our new Pellet stove was installed today! I’m so, so excited.

So, crazy story. Mike goes over to a buddy’s house for Poker night…comes back (omg, so late!) and starts talking about this cool pellet stove his buddy has and we need to go get one. Uhm…okay. (I’ll say anything at 3am to just go back to sleep 😉 )

The next morning, we start looking online at some and find a local place that sells them…and go visit the next day. Here I’m thinking we’ll shop around a bit – this one is cool, maybe we’ll check out a few other places…nope. We buy it. Right then and there. Oh, and by the way, did you know that there’s a huge tax break going on right now if you purchase by 12/31? No? Well…BONUS!

(Then as we were signing the papers, Logan hit his head on a display hearth…so we forgot about the papers we needed to apply for until yesterday.)

The fireplace - BEFORE

The Pellet Stove - AFTER

We’re told we need to get a hearth extender…but OMG!!! I’m loving this thing already!! The 2 pallets of pellets (2.8 tons EACH) were delivered yesterday (holy huge semi – totally entertained the kids for a little while), so we’re set for the winter!

3 Responses

  1. Sure looks cozy!

  2. My parents (in VA) used to heat the house with wood stoves but they’ve been replaced with pellet stoves. No more getting up in the cold to build the fire each morning. Yippee!! One word of caution, though. While the metal parts of the stove don’t get hot to the touch, the glass front (if you have one) does. Last Christmas, Hannah stuck one finger on the glass front, for less than a second, while it was hot and got a 2nd degree burn. It took months to heal. She knew it was hot and she knew not to touch it, but something about it tempted her.

  3. Ooh! I remember hearing about Hannah burning her finger! I can totally see one of my kids doing that.

    We actually have a screen that we’ve put up…more because we’re afraid that the kids may end up rough-housing around it and accidentally fall into the stove. We figure the screen will help at least a little bit. (The one we have is too small – a hand-me-down from my Dad; we’re off to find one that actually fits this weekend.)

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