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When Worlds Collide

There have been a few things that have happened over the past few weeks that make me feel like my world is just a little bit smaller than I think.

The first thing that happened was I sat down at McDonalds in the town where my pediatrician works, looked around to see who was in close proximity of my kids (you do that too, right??), and then realized that the OB who delivered all 3 of my kids was at the next table…with his whole family. Now…this could have been awkward, but he’s such a great guy that it wasn’t. I made my presence known by saying “Hey! We know Dr. OB! Hi!” And smiled. He immediately recognized me (although, I’m not sure that he remembered my name – but that’s all good. I mean, he’s got a bazillion patients!) He introduced me to his wife and 2.5 kids…the two who are out of the oven are actually my kids’ ages, so they had fun sizing each other up. And his wife was SUPER nice. She was asking where my kids go to school and then realized that we are way out of our way (it’s a good 45 minute drive to get to my pedi). So I said, “We love our doctors!” with a big smile. That got a little bit of a laugh and then Dr. OB asked who our pedi is. I told him and he very enthusiastically said that she was one of the best in that practice. (Good to hear that from a professional!!) *I* think so too – she has twins and a 3rd kid (although, her 3rd is older), and she’s a twin herself…so she just “gets it.”

So, I mentioned that it could have been awkward but thankfully wasn’t…until after he left. Ya…I started to overthink it … He’s such an easy-going, super, super nice guy, it’s hard to feel strange around him, but I was mostly thinking “Geez. That’s his wife. And she KNOWS he’s seen my … everything there is to see!! How can she be so nice to me??” LOL!


The other thing that happened recently is a FB story. A twin mommy friend of mine ‘friended’ a friend of mine from church camp. Ya – that’s right…a friend made in the past 5 years is now friends with someone I’ve known for over 20 years (geez, that makes me feel old!).  Anyway…of course I immediately wrote on both of their walls asking how the heck they knew each other. Turns out that my twin mommy friend moved to where my church friend lives (my camp friend also happens to be a twin mommy – I knew this – but strange, right??). Even stranger is that my camp friend is also the president of her twins club! (I didn’t know this…) What are the odds that two people who met at church camp now have twins around the same age and are both presidents of their respective twins clubs? Crazy. The cool thing about it though is that my twin mommy friend convinced my camp friend to come to our twins club sale setup – so I got to see her again after 20 years!!

Sat down at McDonalds and then realized that the OB who delivered all 3 of my kids was at the next table…with his whole family.

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  1. Wild, isn’t it? I have a couple FB friends that I didn’t realize knew each other. In fact, a mom of a kid in B-man’s class just friended me when she saw me leave a comment to someone I know from the twins club–they used to work together! Weird, especially now that I’m out in the boonies…

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