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Mama Bear Ain’t Happy

While walking around our yard yesterday, I ran across a spent fire cracker shell. And then another one. And another. Around our just-under-half-acre lot, I think I picked up between 40 and 50 shells.

Our neighbors shoot these things off every year, but this is the first time I’ve seen them in our yard. Or, at least, seen so many of them!

I know next-to-nothing about these things…so I have no idea if they’re still hot when they come down.

Here’s the thing: Mike, Burke, Maggie, Logan, Uncle Jason, and Cousin Grey were camping out there. And I found shells all around the tent. WTH?!

Even if they weren’t out there, I’d still be pissed. It’s been REALLY dry here…can you say grass fire? And we have a few blow-up toys that could pop if hit by these things (obviously, these aren’t as important as my family!!)

Yes. I did go over there…with a cup full of the shells. Had to step over an obvious launching pad to get to the door. I was polite and just said it all made me nervous (not untrue). He said he’d pass it along to the ‘culprits.’

I really don’t want to start a neighbor war (they’re actually very nice people…not to mention I get the feeling we’d lose – badly 😉 they have fire crackers!!), but Mama Bear is pissed.

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