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Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat

Mike has a cat, Gabriel.

Burke, Gabe, Maggie

I have a cat, Tiger.


The boys have lived together for the past 7 years or so (not always loving every minute together…)

They’re both strays and they’re both about 14 years old.

I’ve noticed lately that Tiger isn’t jumping as high as he used to and is finding various “steps” to use to get to where he wants to go. (Gabriel has always been too…fat…to jump very high, so I’ve seen no change there.)

Warning! Things may get a little graphic…

Tiger has always been ‘hesitant’ to use the litter box (his favorite spot to pee is in he sink *sigh* ). And if he does use the litter box, he tries to “balance” himself on the edges, so his aim isn’t so great.

Gabriel is like your favorite old stinky uncle. He just can’t help himself… And he always has wet paws because he brings his food over to the water bowl and then fishes it out.

But it’s all getting…smellier. It’s more common than not to find a little poo on the floor in various room. And sometimes even a whole pile!

Needless to say, this means Mike and I have been contemplating sending the cats “to the farm.” It breaks my heart! But it’s so incredibly disgusting. And I don’t like that the kids may run across an icky pile at any moment. The kicker? We’re not even sure that it’s BOTH cats with the problem.

And you know that “the farm” won’t keep them. They’ll be put down. Which seems so cruel … especially since they seem to have so much more life in them!

(And I’m feeling a little extra guilty because the thought of new little kitties seems like so much fun!)

One Response

  1. Oh the poor old agers. Maybe try to find out who it is.

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