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Book Review: The Lost Symbol

Cross-posted on my new My Opinion Matters blog!

I just finished reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, so I figured I’d put a few thoughts together. And I’m going to try to do with without any spoilers…if I spoil it for you, I’m sorry!! (And let me know so I can reword it…)

I’m a fan of Mr. Brown – I’ve enjoyed all of his books; probably because I can set aside some things and realize that it’s a novel. I don’t take everything he writes as truth – even though I know that around the novel part are things that are absolutely true. I really enjoy the way he makes you think about things.

With The Lost Symbol, he does a lot of the same stuff…uses the Bible and the Masons to create a conspiracy theory-type story. And while I was entertained with this one, and enjoyed following Langdon on his newest adventure – it seemed like a lot of the same type of stuff. Codes to be broken (makes sense – that’s what Langdon does), bad guys to find and figure out, things the world isn’t ready to know yet…yadda, yadda, yadda.

And I was a little disappointed that I was able to figure out a major plot-line…all by myself! I mean, I was proud of myself for doing it…but still.

So… I’m happy I read it, and I love that there are so many facts and real places/technology/sciences that are new to me, but Mr. Brown needs to find a way to spice up an old recipe if he’s going to continue to write about Langdon (and I hope he does!).

One Response

  1. Thanks girl! I was wondering how the book is. So I know – I will read it when I get the chance but I will not rush out to buy it today!

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