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Weekends are a strange thing. Before kids, I looked forward to weekends because I could sleep in or read all day or just do nothing. Now that there are kids around, I sleep in as much as Mike lets me before he has to head to work  (Thanks honey!!) and then it’s playing/watching/feeding/doing things with and for the kids. We usually do a Costco run at some point.

Historically, I think when adults tried to make plans for a meeting or gathering (that’s not a party), they tried to do it for a week night rather than a weekend. Perhaps because, historically, weekends were considered family times …  mommies and daddies didn’t work and the kids didn’t have school or activities. Now it seems like mommies and daddies work all days of the week and school activities sometimes spill into the weekends – so weekends are no longer the family time they used to be. (Don’t get me wrong…Mike doesn’t work all day on the weekends, so we get lots of time when he gets home 🙂 )

I know that in our house, since Mike works on the weekends, and since the kids are still young enough to have a bed time routine – weekend evenings are pretty much like any other night.

So where do all these randomly related thoughts lead? I guess…I’m wondering if others feel the same way – that weekends aren’t quite the family time they used to be. And if, like me … sometimes those “taboo” weekend nights might actually be better for planning a meeting or gathering since it means not having to wake up to go to work the next day.

One Response

  1. Weekends are better for me to get together with friends because I’m so old & need to get to bed early. 🙂

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