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I Think I Fixed It!

Whoo boy – this virus thing sucked. I got the Bratsk.exe/Antivirus 2009 virus last night. Here’s how I (hope I) fixed it.

DO NOT trust the “software” that comes up claiming to be antivirus 2009. I knew that I didn’t install it, and when it asked if I wanted to remove a bunch of registry keys, I had warning bells go off in my head. Don’t let it do *anything* – just ignore it, click the X to make it go away. This includes the bubble that keeps popping up on the system tray.

My virus scanner said that it couldn’t remove the bratsk.exe file – but when I went to where it told me it was located, I was able to delete it myself (and empty the recycle bin).

I then went to C:\Program Files\antivirus 2009 and removed everything that I could from there. I think there were 4 files that it wouldn’t let me remove. I didn’t trust the “uninstall” that came with it – I highly doubt that it would have uninstalled anything.

Then, I restored the computer to a point created earler in the week. Start menu –> Programs –> Accessories –> System tools –> System Restore.

When the system rebooted itself after the restore, I went back to the antivirus 2009 folder and deleted it.

I’m running the full scan again, but it seems to be gone! *phew*

4 Responses

  1. Nancy, That’s the exact virus we got. Here’s how we fixed it: download (from a clean computer) the file combofix.com. Then, start up your computer in safe networking mode and run the downloaded file. You’ll start getting all the proper updates. Also, immediately install antivirus software for added protection.

    Hope this works. We battled this thing for almost a week…the only good that came out of it is that my husband agreed that I need my own laptop (which we got today)!

    Blessings, and happy virus-free computer time!

  2. p.s. we tried to restore our computer like you did, but the virus had completely deleted that function.

  3. I’m sorry for the computer problems you’ve been having! I hope everything is fixed now!

  4. HOLY cow! Glad you got it fixed. I am always so paranoid I will get a virus! UGH!

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