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Warm Fuzzies

Yesterday’s post reminded me of a great children’s book called A Warm Fuzzy Tale. You can actually read the story in its entirety here. The basic premise is that the people of the land gave away warm fuzzies freely until an evil witch makes them think that they’ll run out. (The warm fuzzies are actual things they carry around in a bag with them.) So they start giving away cold pricklies disguised as warm fuzzies. . . and well, just read the story 🙂

When I was a Girl Scout leader, we read this to our Brownies and talked about giving out warm fuzzies versus cold pricklies and which they’d rather get and all that. We even made warm fuzzies (just yarn pompoms) to share. When my Stitch & B*tch met last month, I even found some of these warm fuzzies in my yarn bag – and let me tell you…they work! LOL

There have been some criticisms that this isn’t for children because they talk about people dying from lack of warm fuzzies…let me just say “oy.” I understand protecting your kids from bad things, but seriously … have you ever heard of overprotecting your kids? This is a *STORY* and like most fairy tales has some dark in it (see my Scary Disney Movie post if you’re not already convinced). But also like most fairy tales has a great message.

Do you spread warm fuzzies or cold pricklies?

2 Responses

  1. Call me hyper-realist, but I DO believe people can die from a deficit of warm fuzzies! 😉 Think I’ve had the occasional moment of over-protectionism, but it’s long gone now!

    LOVE your Disney post!

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  2. When I’m hormonal..I am guilty of spreading pricklies..thought I DO try to stay away from other humans.
    Other than that? I’m a big cup of sunshine.

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