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Uhm, Hello??

If you’ve read the Who’s in the Zoo? page to the right, you know that one of my “on-the-side” jobs is Administrative Assistant. One of the things my boss wanted me to do a few days ago was extend his promotion for super-fast internet though one of the cable companies. I called them up and, after a few run-arounds, found the person who could help me out. He said “Sure! I can do that. I just need you to verify the account for me.” (Who knew?? I gotta try that for MY bills!!)

Now, before requesting I call this cable company, my boss provided me with the account number, his address, and how much he was paying for the original promotion. What did the guy on the phone want? The amount of the last bill paid. You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s not like I’m here phishing: “oh, and what was the credit card number I used for that?” or “What was my billing address again?” no…I was simply trying to reduce a bill! So another day and another phone call later and I was able to do it.

On a related note…a few years back, Mike opened one of those zero interest balance transfer credit cards thingies – and it made sense to move the balance on my card over too. He had no problem transferring his own credit card balance over, but when the time came to do mine (his WIFE!!) there was a problem. Mike had all of the correct numbers and everything, but nooooo they needed verification. It so happened that I was standing right there and hopped on the phone. (I could have been ANYBODY though LOL). But seriously…he’s, in essence, PAYING OFF MY BILL. I’d approve on the spot even if it were a perfect stranger trying to do this! heh

3 Responses

  1. That happened to me when I needed to change our address for our Sears credit card. I verified all of the information that you think they would want and then she wanted to know the amount of the last bill and the balance owed on the card. Of course I had no way to do that because we had just moved and it was packed away. I was so ticked I just hung up. I really don’t understand how those little pieces of info. would be so relevant.

  2. I have had that as well! Russ transferred all of his stuff to a zero interest card and we too had a heck of a time getting my stuff on there. SHEESH! You would think they would be happy to get paid!

  3. I hate it when there is a hassel with stuff like that. Take care

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